Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Born Pretty Store Review [Water Decals and Stamping Plates]

My order came in about a week ago and I've been waiting for an opportunity to share it with you. These are the items I ordered:
1 x Lucky Bag for 2pcs Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plates ( 2 Random Types)
1 x Lucky Bag for 2pcs Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers ( 2 Random Patterns)
Total: GBP 1.29
Both of these items were discounted and as there was no shipping I didn't feel bad for spending as little as I did. From the description of the products, you may have guessed that I had no clue what was coming. There was a selection of plates and decals the random selection could come from but from that I had no say into which ones would come, pretty risky strategy but I couldn't choose between all the other plates on the site. Here is what came in the end:

The water decals were a bit of a disaster if I'm honest. It was my first time using them so I felt it would be best to read the instructions and follow them as best I could. Well here were the instructions:

Here is what happened:

My first attempt was the black polish and basically the instructions never told you to take the design off the card background and so it ended up being the wrong way round. My second attempt I tried to correct on this and the decal ended up breaking.

I think after this attempt it may be a while before I try water decals anymore. If anyone has any tips they would be greatly appreciated.

Onto the stamping plates, I found both of these easily on the website and cost a lots more than what I paid for both of them so that is definitely a bargain. I scanned in the plates so you could see them in better detail than the picture. The last picture I also tried to show you that each plate came with a blue protective film that you need to take off before you begin to use them.

I chose a full nail design for the music plate and a smaller design from the other to see how they handle each kind of design. I stamped over the black polish using a Ruby Wing polish, In your dreams, which should change colour in the sunshine but it's been cloudy all day so I haven't been able to check if it does when it's a thin stamped layer of polish. 

For the other plate I chose the little cat in the bottom right corner as I wanted to see if the little tiny ee would come out. Here is what they looked like:
The one thing I would say is that it felt like the designs were quite close together and so although I thought I had taken off a lot of the adjacent pattern there was still some left over and hence the little black smudges above some of the cats. Other than that though the stamping quality was definitely good,  even the little tiny eye came out which was the part I though wouldn't.

Overall I would definitely recommend the stamping plates from born pretty store but I may just have to say to give the water decals a miss if you are a first time user as I don't think there is adequate instructions in order to direct you.

If you do choose to make an order with Born Pretty Store, you can get 10% off items that aren't already discounted if you use the code PSX31

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