Sunday, 22 May 2016

Tiger Gradient Nails

Hello again!

Today I have a little tutorial for a nice take on tiger nails. I have a really nice stamping plate which has a tiger pattern on it, so I chose to use that instead of drawing on the tiger pattern. The plate I used was Wild At Heart by Cheeky, but feel free to use any plate or freehand you would like.

So first up like a lot of my other nail art designs I began with a plain white base. The coverage isn't great here as my polish is getting a bit old and I'm in need of getting a new one as it's turned quite thick.

From there I then placed a line of white and a line of orange onto a makeup sponge and pressed that onto each nail, making sure the orange line was at the same place on each nail. I built this up until it was as opaque as I wanted, I think it ended up being about two or three layers on each nail.

And then with the nature of a gradient I then had to clean up, I had used a cuticle barrier which removed most of the access polish. For thoughts on the product I used I have a review post here, as time's gone on I have found myself getting better at using the product and so do find now that it doesn't break up as often so is a lot more easy to use than I had originally thought. Once cleaned up I added a quick dry top coat to make the gradient a little more fluid.

Next came the stamping, I chose to use a black colour for my tiger stripes, so I brushed that onto the stamping plate, swiped, pressed on it with the stamper head, and transferred to my nail. Each time I tried to get a different part of the pattern on my nail, just to make it look a little more natural.

Then once again it was topcoat and cleanup time, I cleaned up this time using a cotton wool bud as the polish wasn't too close to my nail.

Here's what the finished design looked like.

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