Sunday, 29 May 2016

HPB Presents Neon Lights

Hello again.

Here's to another month of Inlinks with a lovely group of nail bloggers from the Hobby Polish Bloggers group page on Facebook. After last months failed attempted at joining in I thought I was long over due joining in on one, can you believe the last one I did was in November? This months theme was 'Neutrals and Neons' and here's what I created:

Initially I had no idea what I was going to do with this theme. Neutral... and Neon? This combinatio just seemed so far out of what I'm used to, but I did find that I had this gorgeous neon pink colour from a competition I won last summer. It's the shade party monster by Black Cat Lacquer. To make it really pop I did two coats of this polish over a coat of white polish.

I've found that the way I've stored this polish, on it's side, has made the confetti in it settle to one side. This means I was able to use the polish only with just a few of the littler confetti pieces. I liked this as I find that the bigger pieces are just too big and don't sit right on my curved nails.

I then placed a quick dry topcoat over the top and as that dried I cut out little strips of cellotape, placing them onto my mat to take away a little bit of stickiness.

I then placed these onto my nails using tweezers and coated with a dark grey polish that I had picked up at Primark. Grey can be a neutral colour right?

Again using the tweezers I removed the strips of tape from the nail, peeling back the grey polish and revealing the pink. Often I find if haven't used a quick dry topcoat the polish underneath with actually come up with the tape too, leaving a line of bare nail instead of polish. Remove the tape while the top colour is still wet, here I did 2-3 nails before removing the tape strips.

And then I added a topcoat, any will do at this stage, it's just to smooth it all out and cover the little ridge the tape will have created.

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