Sunday, 15 May 2016

Butterfly Stamping Nail Art

So continuing on with the theme, a caterpillar will eventually turn into a butterfly and as summer start to arrive in England, a butterfly design seemed just right. Here's I've paired two different stamping plates to create this design.

Step one - was to paint my nails white in order for the peach colour, that was very translucent, to show up better. I didn't mind too much how streaky or opaque this layer was, it was just to use as a base.

Step two - Painting on the peach colour, here I just kept painting more on until it was to a thickness of my liking. Here I used three coats of the polish.

Step three - Stamping of the leaves, using a black polish I stamped onto my nails. Placing the design in different places on each nail.

Step four - I then used a cotton wool bud when stamping the butterflies to remove any that I didn't want, as my plate didn't have a small collection of the butterflies, just a full nail design. I typically left three on the stamper and stamped those three into any blank space on my nail.

I then cleaned up around my edges and put on a top coat to make the design last.


  1. Nail designs nice and very attractive :) I really like the nail art is unique and interesting. thank you

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