Sunday, 1 May 2016


Sorry about my absence last week, I wasn't too happy with the design I had created and so chose not to post anything. But I am pleased to say that I love this weeks design, although I didn't do a tutorial as my camera was having issues focusing.

I took inspiration from cute cartoon panda and attempted to recreate them on my nails.

I started with a blue base and then used my dotting tool to create the basic parts of the panda. Before going in with a finer brush for the details.

I would have added a tiny bit of bamboo but felt that I would only be able to create a very clumsy shaped bamboo, so decided to just stick with the pandas.

Sorry about the blurry quality, I did manage to get the camera to focus on just two of my nails though, just not all of them at the same time.

This month I'm planning on creating animal themed designs each week.

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