Sunday, 17 April 2016

Spring Daisies

This week nail art is another design featuring flowers! This was really simple to create and looks really cute in the sunshine.

To create the design I used a thin paintbrush and a dotting tool. Here's what they look like. You can see below that the paintbrush used to be a little thicker but I've cut some of the bristles to make it a little thinner.

I started by painting my nails blue and letting that dry.

Next using the thin paintbrush and some white polish I painted little lines radiating from the centre of each nail. These lines do not have to be the same length or in the same place for each nail.

I then took the dotting tool and dipped it in a yellow polish before creating a dot in the centre of each daisy. The polish I used was slightly translucent, so I ended up adding two layers of dots.

I then added a topcoat, to smooth out the design and try to make it last a little longer.

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