Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Mermaid Nails with Vinyls from SheSellsSeaShells

Hello there. This post has been a while coming, I actually did the design a few weeks ago, but for some reason I just haven't found the time to post it. So here goes. I bought the vinyls from SheSellsSeaShells a UK nail art supply store.

I began by painted all my nails white, as originally I was aiming to have the mermaid scales on all my nails.

I then coated them in a quick dry topcoat so when I used the vinyls the polish wouldn't come up when it was pulled away.

Next I began pulling the vinyl away from the sheet, I'm not going to lie it came up in one piece, meaning I then had to punch out all the little scales. These vinyls can be purchased here. Here was when I decided I would only use it was an accent nail. So I placed the vinyl onto my ring finger.

I then loaded up my sponge with a few different polishes, in a random order, so it would not come out as a gradient and sponged this over the nail vinyl.

I then removed the nail vinyl before the polish dried. Here you can see that there is polish around my nail, which I cleaned up with a cotton wool bud dipped in acetone.

I then decided to do a gradient on all my other nails and used two of the polishes that I had previously used on my ring finger. Then was then all cleaned up and topped with a topcoat.

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