Sunday, 21 February 2016

Fish in the Ocean

Today's tutorial will be a little spare, I realised I did not take the photos I needed to when creating the design, so a few steps are missing. Hopefully I can talk through them, or point you to a post that does talk through them better. Here is this week's design, all week I've been playing a little fishing game and sort of dedicated my nails to that.

Alright, so step one is to simply paint your nails the lighter colour in the gradient, for me that was white.

Next, as I was planning on doing a gradient, I coated the skin around my nail with a clean-up barrier. A more in depth review about the one that I currently have can be found here.

Once this was dry, it took forever, I then set about doing the gradient. By placing stripes of blue and white polish on my sponge and then dabbing it on my nail. (Here is where we have lost images) I did this to all nails and did a couple of coats to get the blue as opaque as I would have liked. Once dry I then stamped over the gradient using a black polish and Cheeky's Wild at Heart stamping plate, I left one finger free from this stamp as will later do something different on it.

While the glue is still around my nail I then painted the accent nail with black polish, leaving a line of gradient peeping out the middle.

Here I then removed the glue with the polish attached from around my nail using some tweezers. It did leave some polish behind which I cleaned up a little bit with a brush dipped in nail polish remover.

The image above needs a little more polish removal around the edge of the nail and a top coat, but again this is an image I am missing. I think I must have just been rushing when I was doing the design as I had waited for so long for the glue to dry.

If there are any steps that need a little more clarification this design is similar in that it uses stamping and a gradient.

Next week will be a tricky tutorial and I hope I can explain it properly.

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