Sunday, 14 February 2016

Non-valentines day nails for valentines day!

So I don't really believe in the premise of Valentines Day, while having a day to show your loved one you care is nice and all. But this feels like a thing that should be done every day, not just on the 14th of February. Also everyone seems to 'cash' in on this now trying to get you to buy flowers and chocolate, money doesn't buy love. So this year I am not posting a girly pink, red or heart manicure, but a simple design that just took a few colours and a striping brush. Hope you enjoy.

Alright, so there is a tiny bit of pink in it, but on the whole it is not a valentines day design.

First step was to paint my nails, I chose this slightly grey colour of RubyWing polish that changes to a darker shade when cold, really cold.

On top of this I began layering the colours with a long thin brush known as a striping brush. Here I began with a blue colour adding a few lines of differing length on each nail.

I then added purple to the mix, this colour was a little darker than the shade I envisioned for this design but overall not a bad fit. 

Next was the turn of some pink polish. One thing that is great about a design like this is that every nail is different to you can't really go wrong. If a line isn't a thick as you'd like you can go over it. Or if you go too far on one line, no one is going to notice. 

Then instead of topping with a glossy topcoat I opted for a subtler matte topcoat. Here is a post I did comparing three of the lower brand matte topcoats, in order to find that the Barry M one was my favourite. 

I got quite a few compliments this week from these nails too, and they were so simple to create. You can easily customise to colours that suit you too. Just chose a light base colour to be sure that all of your lines will show up as well as they can. 

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