Monday, 14 December 2015

Winter Walks in the Woods

So yesterday I saw this cute design for @hannah_nails_it  on Instagram (Click the link to see the picture), and thought I could totally recreate something like that. Regrettably mine does not include the cute yeti and robin but nonetheless I think it still captures the winter spirit.

Keep reading to find out how I did it.

I gathered up quite a few polishes, below are most the polishes I used, I also used a basecoat and topcoat.

So after placing basecoat on each nail I then coated them with Ciate's flaky polish called "Snow Globe". The flakes in the polish are quite big and do make the nail fairly bumpy so use if you wish, alternatively you could add glitter at the end.

Adding to this I then sponged on a white polish to the tips of each nail, almost to create a graduated french manicure. Mine didn't quite work like this and instead it simply looks like I went wrong. So unless you are great at gradients (I'm not), it may be best to just paint a simple french tip, once I finished I can't even see the gradient. 

Now is where it becomes tricky, especially when painting your dominant hand. Using a thin brush paint the outline of a tree. To create the dark green I mixed a green with a bit of black. Painting here would be best with acrylic paint as it doesn't dry as quickly, but polish is all I have. Also in this picture you can see the bumps the flaky polish created.

Now the outlines get filled in, again using the mixed colour. 

A subtle change next, I simply took a brown polish and added little tree trunks to the bottom of the trees. If you don't have a brown polish not to worry as it's such a tiny detail.

Using the white polish again I then added a dot to the point of each tree branch and dragged inwards towards the centre of the tree. To make it look like there's more snow at the edge of the branch.

Next I did the same thing but used the glitter polish, added a bit of sparkle to the snow.

To add glitter to the snow at the bottom of the nail I simply used the brush that came with the polish and spread the glitter evenly along the white.

Add a topcoat to help reduce the bumps and increase the shine and you're finished. I think this wou ld also look great without the glitter.

And here's the original for you to see, make sure you check out here Instagram, I think I end up liking every single design she creates.

I actually can't believe I just posted her creation next to mine as her's is so good.


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    1. Thank you, I loved this design, just the polish was too bulky and ended up chipping very soon after :(

  2. Very lovable colors and style. I may be a man but I love this, in fairness...