Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Burt's Bees Lemony Cuticle Butter Review

As the holidays approach you may have a friend that loves polish. One gift I could recommend is a good cuticle butter if they haven't already got one, if they have you can't have too much of a good thing!

Since using my first cuticle butter product I have definitely seen an improvement in my nail growth and strength as well as less hang nails.

Last time I reviewed Lush's Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, and this time it's Burt's Bees turn with their Lemony Butter. Lemon seems to be a common scent for cuticle butter/cream.

See how it stacked up.

To begin with I tried the little 'sample' size tin, this was 8g of cuticle cream and is the smaller pot of the two. I got this through buying a bigger set named 'Tips and Toes'. The set came with the cuticle cream, a lip salve, hand cream, hand salve, foot cream and a second hand cream. All of the products in it smell AMAZING! The almond and milk hand cream is my favourite scent.

The kit cost me £15 for all 6 items, so less than £3 for each item. Each item is of a very good standard just shake up the foot cream before you use it, I didn't one time and just got the oil preserving it instead of the cream on my feet, not too great. I have no idea how to correctly use the hand salve, it is hard version on petroleum jelly meant for your hands, I think when used on cracked skin it would definitely soften it up a bit. These could all be split up and given to different people as a little gift during the holidays and you could keep the cuticle cream for yourself to treat your finger tips.

So now to tell you about the cuticle cream itself.

The 8g tin is really small, I bought it mainly to try the product before buying a 15g tin that is around £7. A ten p piece covers half the whole tin, in an attempt to show you how big the tin is.

I've been using mine a little while now and the little tin is nearly empty, what I like about it is the small size. This means it can go into my bag and I can apply it during the day when my cuticles feel dry. The cream does leave a little residue straight after you've used it but this does sink in soon after.

The smell is also so much better than the chemical lemon smell of Lush's alternative. This cream actually smells like a real lemon, I think that is a bonus!

Now that it's got down to this level it is a little trickier to use as most of it is stuck to the edges, but it is still useable and I will probably keep this little tin once it's finished to fill with cuticle butter once again.

The large version as I said is around £7, I got mine half price on a deal going on at M&S at the time. So if you do think £7 is a little pricy it may come on offer at some point again. I know they also sell this at Waitrose and Boots.

I've used the little tin in around 2-3 months and it's still hanging in there so I imagine the bigger tin could last more than 6 months. This is based on me applying the cream 2-3 times a day.

One negative I have found about using this cream is that my cuticle seems to dry out really quickly after I've used it. About an hour later I'll want to reapply the cuticle cream. This means that for overnight and long gaps I have been tending towards Lush's Lemony Flutter, as I have found it nourishes for a lot longer but definitely is not something to carry around with you as the pot is just too big.

Overall I am happy that I've tried this product as like I said it does smell so much better than Lemony Flutter and is so much easier to travel around with. But I do feel like the drying out factor is a big issue and it may only apply to my skin, others may find it works great. I think once this has run out in the small tin I may put Lemony Flutter (Lush's cream) in there so I could travel with that and see how that goes.

If you do have a nail polish friend or family member, this could make a great gift, even if it doesn't work great for them they may see improvements and be tempted to buy another similar product. I notice that when I use lots of polish and then remove it my cuticles get very dry and using a product like this is great to revive them a little.

Hope you enjoyed the review, let me know if you'd like more.

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