Monday, 27 June 2016

HPB Presents: Kiwi Fruit Tutorial

Ahh, so for today's post I'm joining the monthly HPB link up again and this time the theme is fruits! Last week my design was also fruit based so I pushed myself to find another fruit and well what goes well with strawberries? Bananas... But I didn't have any pastel yellow polish... Kiwi! Yes, so Kiwi is my fruit of choice for this design.

The starting point for this design was a nice coat of green polish over each of my nails. On top of this I then used a white polish that was slightly translucent and so would not become completely opaque after just one coat, and I used a thin striping brush to create a firework shape in the middle of the nail. I would advise to make this longer than I have as in the end most of this became covered by the seeds.

I then used a more opaque white polish to create a blob in the middle of this star, this was to be an imperfect shape, so as not to be a perfect circle.

Then using a small dotting tool and black polish I went around the edge of this blob to create lots of little seeds, I varied the size of these a little by putting more or less polish on the dotting tool. For me these dots completely covered the little white lines but for those of you with longer nails this may make it a little too seeded.

Then just add a top coat and you are done.

 So if you maybe want to see other fruit designs head over to some of the blogs down below as they've all taken part in the same link up and so have lots more fruit designs to show you.

And now for a little bit of sad news. I was hoping to spend the last few weeks preplanning a few months worth of posts, and while I managed to do a few my nails became really short again so I felt I couldn't finish all of the preplanning I needed to do. I needed to preplan as for the next few months I'm off on a new job at an activity camp and so am unlikely to have the time to do nail art, let alone write up and edit a tutorial post for you guys. I'm really sorry about it, but I will be back in a short while after summer's over. So keep looking out for that.