Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fail Strawberry Nailart

So I've titled today's nailart a fail as once I had created the design I went back to the source of inspiration, the strawberry, to find my strawberry's had yellow seeds. I think this could easily be redone with yellow as the seeds, so I'll continue to show you what I did to create this look.

I began with about three layers of red polish, I can never find a red polish that is opaque on the first coat and find it's always best to do a lot of coats with a red polish.

Using a small striping brush I then drew in some thin green tufts at the top of the strawberry, about three or four lines coming from roughly the same place on the nail, in all different directions.

I then began the part that I believe ruined my design, creating the seeds. So using a black polish I painted dots with a dotting tool.

And after I created a small little point using a smaller dotting tool. Again this is where I think my design went wrong and think it would be best to have used a yellow polish to create this.

Once I added a topcoat I was done and could enjoy some strawberry's.


  1. Never mind that...I think the next time will be perfect. Now you know what to do the next time you try this design again. Practice makes perfect.

    1. Yes hopefully, I think I will come back to this design next year and try to do it better. :)

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