Sunday, 10 April 2016

Painting the Rose Border! (Nail art tutorial)

There were a few days of warm weather last week and as such I got my hopes up that they'd be more of the sunny weather, then all too quickly the sun has gone away and the rain has set in. Which now makes my nails clash with this awful weather.

These nails did take a lot of time, they're not one to do in a hurry as each rose is handpainted with a tiny brush, but I do think they're very cute for spring weather.

So I started off painting my nails with a white polish, obviously if you're to recreate this there's no reason to say you have to go with white, I think a cream would look really nice as well.

Next I used a dotting tool and painted red dots all the way away my nail. Each of these dots were fairly far apart as I wanted to place another dot in the middle of them. I did these dots all the way around the edge of my nail surface.

Next, I cleaned off the dotting tool and placed pink dots in between each of the red dots. Now you need to leave them to dry from at least 5 minutes before starting the next step as if the dots are not dry the polish will move as you paint on top of it and you want get the rose effect.

Using a thin paint brush I dipped into a black polish and drew approximately 3 random curved lines in the middle of each dot. These lines/squiggles were to create the impression of the rose flower. There's no set method for this as each rose is different, some may need more than 3 lines to get the 'rose' look. 

Let this dry for a little, before adding your topcoat. For this design I chose to use a matte nail polish. 

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