Monday, 30 November 2015

HPB Presents: Monochrome Hearts

So for those among you that noticed, I'm Back! Last week I didn't get a post out as each design I attempted just didn't work out as I wanted. They annoyed me so much that I just left them and had plain purple nails for the whole week. I also went out a splurged a little bit on a gift for myself (more details to come).

I came back and I thought the the inLinks for the group I a part of would have ended, but luck had it that it is still open, which means I get to share with you a lot of other ladies that have done monochromatic nails in the last two weeks. At the bottom of the page they'll be lots of links to other designs so be sure to check them out if monochrome is your thing!

My nails would have been a nice matte and shiny design, I may show it if I can find a good picture but as I did my second hand the stamp wasn't coming out properly and I could suss out why, so that quest was abandoned very soon after the problem started. This week however, I've come armed with black, white and a simple design.

So this design is pretty simple a black base colour, I used two coats of MUA black that I bought for either £1.99 or 99p at Superdrug.

And then a white heart, I used BarryM Cotton to do this design. Two bigs dots with a dotting tool, each splitting centre.

Then I used an angled stripping brush to create a v shape from the outer points of the dots, this was then filled in using the same brush.

So there's the design, white hearts on black. However, this is not the end of the story...

Remember that gift I told you about?

I managed to rip it slightly getting the security tag off

I found in TkMaxx Ciate's Mini Mani Month. I think the one I got was last years design, but I do not mind one bit. TkMaxx were selling them for £20, stating they should have been £50. I also managed to find one that was even more discounted, because I'm a poor student, that was only £15. I got it home taped up the box edges that were the bit slightly damaged and good as new again.

Each day in December, up until the 25th, I'll get a mini Ciate polish by my calculations that's just less than 63p for each polish. Bargain. I'm pretty excited. So each day I'll get the polish and hopefully I'll be able to test it out by filling in each heart that colour. Some I won't be able to test there and then, there's a basecoat and a speed dry top coat in there somewhere. But I'm going to try and test as many as I can.

I will try to post a picture each day to show which polish I got on my instagram account (@naildesignbyrhiannon) at the end I will also do a collection post to show all the polishes and decide whether I'll be buying one next year.

My nail design will also grow with each new polish so I'm definitely excited. Next week I may need to think of a design with the same 'add-ability' so I don't miss out.


  1. if your calendar is like mine, it will not contain a speedy dry topcoat but a suspension topcoat. Also some of the glitter polishes that it says it will contain on the back, were not in mine. So you know.
    Some of the glitters will most likely need reviving with a thinner...

    Besides that, I hope you enjoy it, and yes, it's the last year one. :)

    1. Ahh, they must have just called it 'Speed Coat' to be a little bit sneaky. I don't mind too much, I bought a bottle of Seche Vite last month but I like knowing what alternatives are out there too.

      I thought some of the polishes may need a little love and that should be fine, I don't use a whole lot of glitter as I haven't found a formula that actually gives a consistent glitter all over the nail.

      Looking forward to see how they all come out.

    2. I will be doing a nail art look with them, all over the course of December month. So you are warned, there might be a spoiler or two...

      The Suspension topcoat is actually really good. It looked great over the glitters.