Monday, 22 June 2015

First Attempt At Glitter Gradient

Earlier this week I got my gel back out and did a set of plum purple gels. But as the week as gone on I've wanted to change them up a bit and add a bit of a design.

That being said I saw the amount of glitter I had and that I should probably use some so tried to do a cute gradient using one of the silver glitters. This tutorial isn't a fail safe, I should know I have some nice nails and others that just look a mess, but it's just one way to complete this look and will probably get better with more practice.

The tools I used for this design was:
some nail glue, sourced from sparkly nails but any will do,
Fine Glitter,
Fanned Nail Art Brush,
and a Topcoat (Not Pictured).

The first thing I did was to paint my nails with the nail art glue. The glue that I used is opaque when first used and then when it's tacky, good to use, it's clear and so I needed to wait for the glue to go clear before using it.
Now dip the tip of the brush into your glitter and tap a little bit off. Make sure you're comfortable being able to tap the brush as it will make sure you get the glitter off the brush and onto the nail. I found it most comfortable grabbing round the brush with my fingers leaving my pointing finger along the brush.

Practice tapping a couple of times until the right amount of glitter falls off. I found that the second tap, after filling the brush, had the amount of glitter falling that I wanted. Then tap the glitter over the nail in order for it to stick to the glue.
Next put glitter back onto the tips of the brush and brush it over the top part of the nail. Add the glitter slowly until the gradient is at a point you like. If you add too much it will end up looking like a mess, like a couple of mine have. Try and get more at the tip of the nail than the bottom of the nail, my picture below isn't a good example of this but a few of the ones I did achieve this goal.
Once you're happy, brush off access glitter from around the nail and cover with a top coat, one that you don't mind a couple of glitter bits in.

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