Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cat Tipped Nails

So this is the first tutorial since I have finished my first year at uni and one thing that definitely makes a difference is being back at home with my pets. For my house that is two cats. One that continuously growls at you and another that only comes out at night. But however anti-social they may be they still shape the house and keep me up all night with their continuous running around the house (They make more noise than student housing!)

I initially coated my nails with a plain simple colour and then topped that with a shiny topcoat but as the week went on I found that this was too plain and so I wanted to add a little something to a couple of nails to add detail. And so I chose to create a simple cat motif that was achievable with a couple of brushes and a small dotting tool.

I started by painting a semi circle shape on the end of my nail, I did this with the white nail polish brush itself, but can also be done with a striper brush. I just found when I attempted this too much polish was on the end of my nail. I then took the small paint brush and added white polish to it and created two triangles on top of the semi circle.

These triangles were then filled in with the white polish and a smaller triangle was painted with the pink polish, using the small dotting tool.

Next on to the eyes, these can be done in any colour you want really. I chose blue to go with the base polish I had done earlier that week. With this polish I put some onto a small paint brush and pushed the point down onto the nail, gently, to create a circle shape. This isn't a perfect way to do it so a dotting tool or something bigger would be better, but I didn't have anything the right diameter. So I ended up with two different sized eyes, but hey, it just makes the cat cuter, right?

Next I tried to clean up all the excess polish and clean up the joins between the ears and face. My attempt didn't go so well, so if yours does the same do not despair, it will clean up a bit later on. With a striper I then added black lines to the middle of the blue eyes.

Do not judge the white
To finish and even out that ugly white polish I added a generous coat of clear polish. I also did a black version of the cat with green eyes.

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